What is SAM HElsinki?

Experiences and meetings – sharing the passion for American way of life and culture

SAM Helsinki is a non-profit organization centered around American culture. We are a meeting place for people interested in learning about the United States, experiencing American culture and networking with like-minded people.

To our members we offer a diverse selection of programme. Among our popular events have been travel nights, theme brunches and visits to local businesses. Naturally, we also celebrate American holidays such as 4th of July, Halloween and Thanksgiving. In addition, our aim is to offer a platform for learning and sharing of knowledge. We host webinars with interesting experts tackling topical issues.

We are nonpartisan and open for everyone.

SAM Helsinki is the largest local chapter of The League of Finnish American Societies (SAM), a non-profit friendship organization, promoting cultural exchange between Finland and United States. Through the League we advance opportunities for Finnish students in the Unites States by offering scholarships and summer jobs.

SAM Helsinki has approximately 1300 members and it has been active since 1946.

You are most welcome to join SAM family! If you’d like to join you can send an e-mail to [email protected].

Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages as well.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or by phone:

[email protected]

4th of July Tähtitorninmäellä Kaivopuistossa

4th of July Tähtitorninmäki, Kaivopuisto

Kalifornian reissaajat Santa Monicassa

California travelers in Santa Monica

Kirjallisuuspiirin kokous alkamassa

Book club meeting just about to start


Celebrating Halloween

Kakkuja yhdistyksen 70-vuotisjuhlista

Cakes from our 70th anniversary celebrations

Olimme mukana myös American Car Show'ssa Helsingissä

SAM Helsinki a the American Car Show